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Welcome to Rhino Trees, the leading experts in tree removal services on the Gold Coast, we mainly service between Coffs Harbour and Rockhampton. 

Our tree services include:

Tree removals ie. tree lopping / felling, tree pruning and shaping, stump grinding, wood chipping, mulching, fertiliser soil injection, and garden & land clearing services. We specialise in difficult tree removal and land clearing. We have extensive machinery to carry out the most complicated of jobs. 

At Rhino Trees, we follow the legal and safety requirements and are fully insured. All work is carried out by our team of highly qualified and experienced Arborists.

  • 100% Guaranteed Safety to Your Property
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • We Are Fully Insured
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Unexpected Council Fines
  • Work Done with Minimum Disruption

Rhino Trees team of professional Arborists have a background in horticulture and landscaping making them knowledgeable about plants, trees and shrubs and how they should be handled and removed.

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NOTE: You may need Council Approval to remove trees on your property. We can advise you and help you liaise with your Council. For more information click here.