Land and Block Clearing

Removing trees from a building site doesn’t sound like a big deal when you purchase land to build your home, but, the first step to home building is site preparation, and that requires planning and expert advice. Site preparation to build or construct a home is very important for laying the foundation of your new home. But, what is actually included in site preparation, and how do you go about it? To lay down the foundation of your house, you have to clear the land of any stumps, trees, bushes, that might be growing there.

We all know, preserving nature is so important, trees are important for the environment, health, maintaining stable temperatures and increasing the level of oxygen in the air, and reducing pollution; therefore, tree removal from a construction site has to be carefully planned. There are many important things you need to consider, when removing trees and any other form of vegetation from the land you have purchased:

1- You should only remove trees from the site that are necessary to be removed, there might be one or more trees you want to keep. Once you have determined the approximate location of your home, or a construction plan, you can start clearing trees off the site. This is known as rough staking, and should be done professionally by an expert. You can also make modifications to your home’s construction design, if you want to keep a few more trees, you can seek advice on this from your home building expert

2.- Once you have done “rough staking”, and have finalized your construction plans, you should start clearing the land of the vegetation you don’t really need. This involves removal of trees, roots, stumps, bushes, or any other form of vegetation that may hinder the construction process. You should also decide what you would do with the debris left after tree removal, if you decide to burn it, you must first check with the local fire department. If you think of burying the rubbish on site, that may not be a feasible idea.

3- The most important part is finding the right experts to clear the land, some land clearing experts will move the entire tree from your land and then move it over to another place; others will cut down the tree leaving a stump behind. There is a wide range of equipment, land clearing experts would use; they could be using bulldozers, commercial chain saws; the tools can range from simple handy tools to heavy machinery. You should not think of doing land clearing yourself, as it is dangerous and requires safety guidance for using heavy equipment. Falling trees could be dangerous, and can cause an accidental injury.

4- If the timber on your land is valuable in any way, you may want to sell it to timber buyers, and get good value for it. Try to get multiple estimates from different buyers, but it is a wise idea not to get the land cleared by timber buyers. Alternatively if the trees are of a type that don”t sell then you could look at getting them made into mulch for your garden once the house is completed. Just be conscious of where you can leave the mulch so it doesn’t get in the way of the construction zone.

5- Once the land is cleared, and timber has been sold, you need to prevent your land from erosion. This will depend on the time frame until construction. Trying to preserve top soil should be a priority where possible.

Tree removal is an important aspect of land clearing, and you must employ professionals and experts in this process. You also need to check with your local government on regulations regarding, land clearing, timber burning, timber permits and other ordinances and rules.

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