South East Queensland is known for its intense and severe storm systems which often leave property owners with an aftermath of dangerous branches, trees and other debris. Rhino Trees provides a professional team that can confidently remove and clear dangerous and damaged trees in a fast and efficient manner. Rhino Trees is based in the Gold Coast Hinterland and understands the devastating effects storms can have on your property having experienced severe tree damage from Cyclone Debbie. Our team is extremely empathetic with the damages and loss that our clients often face after a cyclone and will do all we can in order to fix and remedy a tree that can still be salvaged. Local Council’s request us to complete ‘Make Safes’ after a severe storm, which is making a tree safe again for the public. ‘Make Safes’ are a priority work as the tree is often fallen or at risk of falling onto a building or structure and potentially causing harm to the community. We often undertake various tree work from Insurance companies after a storm. They all have different cover and policies relating to trees so ensure to call your insurance company to find out what you are covered for in the event of a storm and the steps to lodging a claim. Rhino Trees offers free quotes and tree assessment for maintaining and trimming large and dangerous trees in preparation for storm season. Cleaning up your property after a storm can be extremely dangerous. Small branches and tree debris on the ground can often be cleaned up by most homeowners but chainsaw use, larger trees and work off the ground should always be done by a professional arborist.