Having old tree stumps in your garden or lawn can be an annoyance, and removing them is not an easy task. They are particularly of no use. Termites and other wood eating insects would love to hide and grow in them and can cause a massive termite attack on your house. If you want to avoid this, you have to remove any old tree stumps from your garden or backyard. Doing it perfectly would depend on the size of the stump, as every tree type is different. An oak tree, for example, has very deep roots that make digging it out extremely tough. Although, there are some that you can remove on your own, trees with deep roots would require professional help.

Here are a few ways that you can try on your own:


Digging out sounds obvious but this is the most laboring process. If the tree stump is small and has shallow roots, then digging it out would be your best option. You will need a hand shovel, an axe, loppers and a root saw for hand digging. Dig out the stump so that the roots are exposed and cut the roots using an appropriate tool. Dig more and more until the roots are fully exposed.


If you don’t want to dig out or it just didn’t work, grinding can be the next best solution and the most economical way of getting rid of them. It works best for small to medium sized tree stumps. Look for a stump grinding machine that you can rent. This machine chews up stumps that are 6 to 12 inches below ground level. It resembles an oversized chainsaw with a motor and a toothed arm. If you are hesitant to use this machine, always seek professional help. You may need to wear appropriate safety equipment when using the machine.

Using Chemicals

If you are not in a hurry, try using chemicals available at the garden center that you can use to speed up tree rotting. However, this method can take a long time to decompose the tree stump completely. The process is pretty straightforward; you will drill a series of holes in the stump and add chemicals in it, and cover it with a plastic to restrict airflow. You can also try using rock salt as a natural way of decomposing; salt draws the moisture out of the tree stump thus making it rot. Other synthetic chemicals would definitely speed up the decomposing process.

Burning the tree stump

Check first with the local officials and your neighborhood if you are allowed to burn that much of the wood. Fire can be dangerous, so keep buckets of water with you. A large fire is uncalled for, so remove all twigs and bushes around the stump. You can use charcoal for burning; start a small fire inside it by creating a hole in the top of the stump. People also place scrap wood on top of it and then burn it.

You can try all of these tried and tested methods, or simply employ nature to take its course for a tree stump to rot. Cut the tree, as close to the ground as possible, if no branches or saplings are growing out of it, the tree stump will soon rot out. Do not try methods you are skeptical about. You can always call in professional help to remove the stumps from your garden.

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