When considering removing a tree that is close to your house, keeping your home and family safe is your first priority. Sometimes, trees impede on the safety of your home by getting too big, by pressing against your fence or house or when they become damaged or diseased. Removing trees that are unwanted or threaten the safety of your house is your best course of action to avoid expensive repairs.

When trees are located near your home, a precise method is used to remove the tree to avoid any damage to your home.

First, check the tree for any safety hazards such as dead or hanging branches. Check the tree trunk for open wounds or other signs of rot as it could indicate that the centre of the tree is hollow or rotten.

Next, determine which direction the tree will fall. Make sure that the fall path is free of buildings, vehicles and telephone and electrical lines.

Finally, proper cuts are made in the right order on the tree to keep wayward branches away from your home. As the tree falls in small sections, they are removed and ground down. Request to grind away the stump so that you can replant grass or flower beds.

Removing large trees can be best left to tree felling professionals, especially when around your home, so if you are unsure about the project, take the safe route and hire a professional.

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