Trees are such wonderful additions to your backyard. They improve air quality, provide homes to wildlife, and give you those happy feelings of days gone by just by looking at them. But sometimes trees look a little strange, and it can leave you wondering if everything is alright with nature’s best friend. Sick trees have very clear signs that can warn you that disease is overtaking the tree. Look for these 5 signals that you may have a sick tree: Sign 1: Borer in the tree Borer is a member of the beetle family and can attach many hardwood trees throughout Australia. The female beetle lays her eggs in the trees trunk or branches and the larvae then feed off the nutrients of the tree, depriving it of the resources it needs to grow.Borer can really do damage so it”s important to check if a borer has infiltrated your tree. Typically, evidence of a borer can be found on the trunk or large limbs of the tree. Round or oval holes appear in the tree where the borer has started to find it”s way in. This would be a good sign that your tree is at risk. Sign 2: Discolouration of the leaves If your tree is sick, it’s fronds or foliage will start to discolour. Non-seasonally related discolouration of the foilage or fronds indicate that the tree is not receiving enough sunlight, water or nitrogen to produce energy via photosynthesis or that a disease could be running rampant within the tree. Sign 3: Thinning in the canopy of the tree If you notice that the canopy of the tree is thinning or that the canopy is not as thick as it used to be, your tree may be sick. This is particularly evident in larger trees that have a lush canopy. Check the thickness of the canopy to see if it’s changing. Sign 4: Losing too many leaves If your tree should have lots of leaves, but instead is dropping them, your tree may be sick. Spring and summer are typically times where trees bud and grow new leaves. If your tree is losing leaves or isn’t growing new leaves for the new season, disease may be infesting your tree. Sign 5: Enough Water If the soil around your tree is bone dry, and you know that it has not received any water for a number of days, your tree may be sick. Most trees need a tremendous amounts of water and often store water deep in their root system. However, if it has not received water in a while, it may be drying out. Try watering the tree well and waiting a few days to see if the tree starts to recover. These 5 signs are good indications when your tree might need some extra help from you. If in doubt contact an arborist, botanist or horticulturist to determine if your tree is indeed sick and to help rectify any disease that is found. If you think you have a sick tree and need some advice contact us for a free quote or call us on 0417 475 479 We service all Gold Coast areas including Hinterland and up to South Brisbane and down as far as Coffs Harbour.